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59S UVC Sterilizing Mommy Bag (P14)
Price RM354.00 RM429.00
Brand 59s
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  • There are heat-resistant germs: "mad cow" virus cold-resistant germs: avian influenza virus, Yell bacterias
  • Drug-resistant germs: Superbug
  • No LED UV-resistant germs
  • Efficient: 99.9%
  • Non-Toxic
  • No Ozone
  • No Radiation

59s UVC LED Sterilizing Mummy Bag is recommended for breastfeeding mummies who need to pump on the go, at work, and for storing expressed breastmilk. The top layer is where the UVC LEDs are to sterilize pump parts, bottles, baby's utensils, and anything that needs to be sterilized. The bottom layer is the color section to chill your expressed breastmilk with the use of ice packs. For sterilizing of items, do not need to remove stuff at the bottom layer. Internal dividers can be pushed down to cater to a larger space to sterilize larger and taller items.

  • Ultraviolet (UV-C) light eliminates bacteria, viruses, fungus, molds, etc by destroying DNA physically.
  • Removes milky taste of baby bottles
  • Easy to use: Close it and press the button once, finish in 180 seconds
  • Convenient for working mums: The first floor sterilize breast pumps and baby bottles, the second-floor storage breast milk(need to put in ice pack)
  • Two types: With a rechargeable battery and without a battery
  • Other applications: sterilizing baby clothes, toys, toothbrushes, and anything can be put into.
  • 1 YEAR Warranty 


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